Упражнения на словарный запас для ЕГЭ

  • Posted on: 26 February 2015
  • By: dimikkio

Репетитор английского Отрадное предлагает некоторые упражнения на словарный запас для сдачи ЕГЭ по английскому языку


Вставьте слова

Through; move; refuse; accept; solve; decide; attend

Возможно, некоторые слова придется изменить

Charlie thinks money will ___________ all his problems.
Rick ___________ her offer of coffee.
Only 12 people ___________ the meeting.
She asked him to leave, but he ___________.
Tina's ___________to go to Rome for her holidays.
I need to think about it. It's a big ___________.
I am the first child in my family to ___________college.
Could you ___________ your car, please? It's blocking the road.
She smiled at him as he walked ___________ the door.
The judges' ___________ is final.
A meeting was called to ___________ between the three candidates.
She was ___________ a work permit.
The bar was so crowded you could hardly ___________.
I absolutely ___________ to take part in anything illegal.
Both children ___________ St. Joan Church.
We passed ___________ France on our way to Italy.
According to Greek legend, it was Oedipus who ___________ the riddle of the Sphinx.
You need to ___________ the fact that most of your problems are caused by jealousy.
They've ___________ into bigger offices in London.
I've ___________ that I really must stop smoking.
Things ___________ quickly once the contract was signed.
He ___________ his hat and gloves.
He flatly ___________ any offers of financial help.
Let me ___________ - I'm a doctor.
Casey is very good at ___________crossword puzzles.
The college ___________ rules that prevented women from enrolling.
If they offered you a place on the course, would you ___________ it?
He eventually ___________ against telling her.
His ___________ to pay the fine got him into even more trouble.
You must ___________ for yourself.
They couldn't understand her ___________ of a scholarship to Yale.
Have you ___________ on a date for the wedding?
Several people were unable to ___________ because of the storm.
Rescue teams have finally made it ___________ to the survivors.
At last astronomers have ___________ the mystery of the rings encircling the planet Saturn.
Please ___________ this small gift.
He slept right ___________ the day.
There were a number of problems to be faced, but one by one he managed to ___________ them.
Have you ___________ whether to apply for that job?
After a three week strike, the company has finally ___________ the workers' pay demands.
As the water passes ___________ the filter, dirt is taken out.
The second world war had ___________the problems of the 1930s depression.

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