Темы по английскому ОГЭ, С2

1. A talk  about exercise routines (for 1,5-2 minutes)

-why it's important to have an exercise routine

- whether you have an exercise routine, and why/why not

- what  would you prefer; exercising in a gim 0r exercising
  outdoors, and why

2. A talk about newspapers and magazines (1,5-2 min.)

- what we need newspapers and magazines for nowadays

- whether you read newspapers and/or magazines and why/why not

- what you prefer; reading the news in a newspaper or on  online, and why

3. A talk about the environment (1.5-2 min.)

- why it's important to take care of the environment

- what you can do to protect it

- which is better: using paper or plastic for glocery bags, and why

4. A talk about computers (1,5-2 min.)

- why computers are useful to students

- what you use a computer for

- what disadvantages computers have

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